Hemp Paper Saves Forests!

Paul Stanford (treefreeeco@igc.apc.org)
Thu, 07 Jan 1993 11:50:43 -0800 (PST)

Did you know that the US Department of Agriculture Bulletin 404
concluded that a waste product from hemp, cannabis, makes more than four
times more paper per land area than trees?
Would you like to have a sample of acid-free, nontoxically produced,
hemp paper, with independent lab certification of the fiber content and
other hemp paper product information? If you give us your snail-mail, postal
address we can send you a free sample to anywhere in the world. If you give
us an e-mail address we can send you our electronic catalog.
Please write us here at Tree Free EcoPaper, the world's only hemp paper

Our e-mail address is: treefreeeco@igc.apc.org . Our mailing
address is: 121 S.W. Salmon, #1100 ; Portland, OR. USA 97204, or you may
call us toll free in North America at 1-800-775-0225, or, place a toll call
to (503) 295-6705.

We have cases of 5000 sheets and reams of 500 sheets in 8.5" x 11"
and 17" x 22", and we have note pads and stationery packs.
We accept mail orders from individuals, and we take Visa and Master Card
and checks and money orders. We deliver via UPS, or another shipper if
you prefer.
Wholesale and retail inquiries are welcome. For very large orders we
can deliver CIF to any seaport in the world. We can deliver via trucking
firms in North America.
Tree Free EcoPaper is dedicated to offering the world a
choice from wood paper products and their pollution intensive
production and deforestation of our planet. Our product is 50%
hemp and 50% cereal straw. We are the only company in the world
today that supplies wholesale quantities of hemp paper.
We intend to educate the public about the many ecological
benefits of hemp, including that a waste product from hemp bast
fiber production produces 4.1 times more paper per land area than
forests according to USDA Bulletin 404. Our hemp fiber is
produced from the entire hemp stalk; the bast and hurd are
present in their natural percentages. Hemp is the longest and
strongest plant fiber. Hemp grows more in a single season, or
produces more biomass, than any other plant. Our straw is a by-
product of grain production.
Our paper is the highest quality paper in the world, and
while it is considerably less expensive than comparable grades of
paper, Tree Free EcoPaper has many environmental benefits in
comparison to wood fiber paper. Our paper uses 90% less chemicals
in its production than any other brand of paper. Our paper is
acid-free and therefore has a shelf life of over 1500 years,
compared to 75 years for wood fiber paper. Tree Free EcoPaper is
25% less expensive than any other brand of acid free paper, and
theirs is made from wood fiber that has been treated with zinc
oxide to neutralize the acid that is used to break wood into
pulp. Since Tree Free EcoPaper is whitened with hydrogen
peroxide, no dioxin is produced, while all the wood fiber paper
factories can't even clean all the poisonous dioxin from their
wastewater. Our price is half that of the cheapest grade of 25%
cotton fiber paper, and our paper does not contain any wood
fiber. In fact, the cotton crop uses half of all the agricultural
pesticides in the world. Tree Free EcoPaper's ecological benefits
are too numerous to catalog in one short letter, but you can see
that our value is economical, as well as ecological.
I hope our samples and information satisfy your curiosity
and we look forward to serving you. If you have any questions,
please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your consideration.

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