Info for Focalizers

We don't have leaders in the Rainbow Family, but we do have folks that help us to focus on what we as indiviguals need to do. It's through the widespread flow of information about our hipstory, our traditions, our processes, and practical gathering info that we as indiviguals can make informed decisions. That's alot of what Rainbow is all about, the empowering of indiviguals within a group of folks. We can all make a difference.

One of the important things to realize is that focalizers aren't in charge. They aren't in control of anything or anyone but themself. People listen to focalizers out of respect, not because they have to. The best focalizers are invisible at a gathering. Most of us that consider ourselves focalizers are just info-maniacs. Just cause somebody may have a mailing list, or do a newsletter does not mean they are part of the "Rainbow Beurocracy", and you can turn over your responsibilities as a human being to them.

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