Austria, 1990

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These pictures by Rich in Spirit, with captions taken from the back of the photos.

Field-kitchen truck from Christiania (Denmark).

The Polish circus.

The rest of these pictures and captions are by Marcus Endicott,

The full moon circus in front of the "Golden Temple" circus tent.

A Rainbow busking movie in Vienna from the gathering.

A fantastic tipi pose.

Marcus at the front gate welcome home (an actual military guard post).

Norbert's "Fakir" truck at welcome home.

A close-up of poppies growing next to the gathering site on the Allentsteig military reservation.

Tobias at the info tipi interviewing Henning, who later lost his life at a beach gathering in Maruata, Mexico, trying to save someone else who was drowning.

A Shanti Sena group, including Robbie, accompanying an Austrian police official through the camp.
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