1994 Colorado "Landing Zone" Regional Gathering

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Drummers up in the boulder field. By playing here, the rocks made a perfect amplifier, and drumming could be heard clearly over the whole site.

This is the view from my tent. I got to look at this huge rock mountain for days, and I never got tired of it. That's Pike's Peak in the background.

This was a sculpure somebody made out of old bones. Our gathering site had been used by local hunters, and we came across this huge pile of bleached bones. The sculpture was a giant "Steal Your Face", and the motto in the front says "Not Fade Away". That's my kids, Abel and Deja checking it out.

The "Broken Pipe Kitchen". This was one of three kitchens (and a Tea house) we had that gathering. It rained alot, so I spent days here feeding the fire to keep warm and dry.

This was a great little (about 600 people) gathering. It was a perfect micro-gathering, with all the functions of a larger gathering. Many folks got a good chance to experience the community building aspects of a gathering at this regional.