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This regional gathering was one of the largest in Colorado, and was held outside Fairplay in Pike National Forest at the base of the Buffalo Peaks.

One day I was walking through the parking lot counting cars, and I saw my friend David painting this beautiful picture. The cars off to the left is the edge of Bus Village, with most of the vehicle s behind me.

Bus Village. That's my Daughter Deja Snow by my truck and Felippe's bus. Deja helped scout this site, and gave us the kids view of things.

This is one of the better handwash stations I've ever seen. It was up at the Phatter Platter, and they'd fill it hot water from their shower fire. It helped economize water usage, as well as encouraged folks to keep their hands clean.

This was a very popular place. Who says Hippy's are illiterate ? This library had all sorts of books and info you could borrow. It was a great place to hang out and read during the daily thunderstorms.

This was an interesting stick shelter I found up above the main site. I have no idea if they ever camped in it, but it was cool looking.

Deja Snow again by the Sweat lodge near Kiddie Village. One day a bunch of Hopi Elder's came by and after presenting a White Buffalo Medicine Pouch to Felippe', came and did a sweat with us. This sweat was by the edge of a clear cut, so we could offer some healing to the earth on this spot.

A different way to move a tent. This one was going from the main bus village to a little camp up on the hill across the creek.

This is the inside of Phatter Platter's shower stall. This was a the double-header stall, and was fed by water pressure and a large water boiler.

The Phatter Platter kitchen. One night sitting here on the left by their group fire, we got entertained by a professional band called "Double Dose", and then the kitchen served blueberry cheesecake for 90 people!

People may think Rainbows leave a mess, but here's the kind of damage a few cows can do. This used to be a beautiful little spring that we drank out of the year before at another regional. We were back at that site camping during a scouting trip, and were stunned when we saw all the cow damage to the spring. This spring is now ruined by the cows contaminating the water, and churning it up with their feet. There was much more cow damage to the site, all of which was much worse than when there were 150 Rainbows camping on the same spot the year earlier.

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