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The circle on the fourth of July. Picture from Dana.

View into the gorge. Picture from Dana.

The rest of these pictures are by Owl Talking, who will hopefully supply me with more captions. :-)

The CALM tent.

All ready for a sweat.

The kitchen was built in a large cave, hollowed out of the cliff by erosion, eons ago. When I first saw the oven, it looked like it had always been there, as it had been built upon large sandstone rocks that had fallen from the roof many years ago. The flue from the firebox had been laid in the crevice beside the one large rock that the oven was built upon. Taking advantage of the natural features granted by the Creator, made the working sculpture both solid and convenient to tend. The location of a tree shrouded cave halfway up a cliff provided protection from the rain and screening from the valley below. Many good smells emanated from the cave, helping the place to feel very much like Home.

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