Norway, 1989

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These pictures by and captions are by Marcus Endicott,

Far view of encampment from across sound under the Midnight Sun, Karlsoy island Norway 1989.

Closer view of the of the main beach encampment.

Much closer view of main beach encampment, notice earthen Scandinavian Sauna (Sweat Lodge) in foreground left near beach.

Crane unloading Rainbow supplies from Norwegian government ferry boat.

Crane unloading tipi poles from Norwegian government ferry boat.

Another view of crane unloading tipi poles from Norwegian government ferry boat, note Bridge in hat.

View of mainland ferry, dock, and mainland welcome home encampment.

Another view of mainland welcome home encampment and adjacent arctic village.

Entire Rainbow caravan from Christiania community (Denmark) preparing to board Norwegian government ferry boat for Karlsoy island.

Karlsoy island dock welcome home and tiny island village, opposite side of island from encampment.
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