1997 Ocala, Florida

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These pictures and captions came from an unknown brother or sister, and were forwarded to me by Ken 42r, (agadabout@hotmail.com). A related link for this photos is Songbird's Arrest. It's the story of being at a roadblock at this regional, and being harrased, illegally arrested,and Pepper Sprayed.

Lake County Sherriffs Deputies "adjusting" yellow blockade tape to make arrests on Feb. 22 (Night of the full moon). Please note also that Taveres Police and Lake County Sherriff have WEB sights. I have four more photos ready to post showing armed deputies with mace and batons (cattle prods). Some of us were harrassed by Taveres Police while sitting in the court house parkinglot waiting for people who were being released on bail. This harrassment included unauthorized dog search of vehicles.

Lake County Sherriffs deputies with weapons preparing to arrest campers in the Ocala National Forest, Feb. 22, l997. Musicians who went to the roadblocks to make music were arrested. There was a talent show at Morningstar kitchen that evening under the full moon dedicated to our missing friends.