1997 Shawnee, IL Regional

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These pictures and captions are all by Mike/Starbuzz.

On saturday 10/11, a main event was the wedding of just chad to rainbow bright. this picture is the tying together ceremonial unifying of the pair as performed by jester

The wedding reception followed at 4:20 with a small group of family

A typical trading blanket without the owner, who preferred to stay out of the picture

The path to the lake was lined with tall pine trees. The ground was covered with so many pine needles that one could have comfortablly slept on the forest floor.

Some of the family had set up camp sites by the lake

This was truly one of the prettiest lakes I have ever seen.

Another lake view.

The lake on the other side of the spillway.

Others were taking mud baths and absorbing the sun and the cool breeze.

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