Forest Service Regulations

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For those that don't know, the Forest Service is trying to pass new regulations that would make Rainbow Gatherings illegal! Here's some info on the fight against the regulations.

A good rundown on the harassement problems Rainbows suffer through is "Cops On Welfare", about the waste of tax dollars for an overly large and aggressive Law Enforcement force.

Here's a brief set of Legal Notes on the current Legal scene. Go here to see what the status is of the current legal cases is.

Annual Rainbow Gatherings

Regional Rainbow Gatherings

Various regulations

Here's the various "group use" regulations.

Defensive Info

This is stuff that can be used to prepare a legal defense against the group use rules.

Summaries and Analysises

These were written by several people, but I figured it would be good to have a few breakdowns of the regulations, as they're huge.