Photos from the 2001 Idaho Gathering

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Mara has this small collection of photos from this year's gathering.

SpaceMan has this collection of photos from this gathering.

This is the awesome bridge that crossed Cache Creek, on the trail from the parking lot into the site.

A really nice VW Bus.

I saw thie great cart made by a brother Dave from Missoula. Mountain bike powered, it could haul alot of stuff down a trail, and the cart even had breaks.

This is the water filters and storage drum at the Bliss Hydration Station. These filters supplied clean, healthy water for the many camps around them.

This is the Granola Funk theater going up. It was quite the project. They later hooked up solar panels, and had lights with the shows at night.

Another view of the Granola Funk theater after it was set up. You can see how it was setup with a stage area, and an aisle and audience setting.

A great foot-operated handwash station by Musical Veggie Kitchen.

Kem Hot Spring. Like most folks, I stopped at hot springs on my way to the gathering.

The Loven Oven's Lovemeter.

There was a rock sculpture garden that sprouted up on the trail Evergreen Kitchen to Dun Dun. Some of the balancing acts were pretty amazing.

This great shitter was also the closest one to my camp. It always had good hand wash and paper. One day while I was there, a bro was playing guitar for the folks using the shitter. I got "Like A Rolling Stone".

This was a shower boiler that fed a continuous line of folks wanting to get clean.