Rainbow Tech

Over the years, the Rainbow Family (and other alternative communities) have been working at a new kind of earth-friendly technology. We also had to come up with our own ways of dealing with the problems of large communal style group encampments. Every year, the North American Rainbow Gathering is the largest intentional community in the world. Many years, for the week of the gathering, we are often one of the larger cities in the state!

Most of what follows on these pages are my own words when the author is not specified. I am only one individual in this huge family of people. Since the Rainbow Family is not an organization, group, or what not, (we're more a spiritual movement) none of these are what you might calls hard fast rules. Some of these things are more oral tradition, than anything else. Likewise, they are also many variations on some of this. It's all just a lot of common sense, once you think about it. This is just my attempt to help start the education process for folks that could benefit from these ideas.

Please send corrections and additions, but also remember, that many times there are many solutions to the same problem. If nothing else, Rainbows seem to be incredibly creative.

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