Security Procedures

The legal implications of a "Vigilance Committee" document are obvious. This is to be contrued as an idea only. Add to it and modify at ill.

This outline is prepared from one semi-experienced indigidual's perspective. Repeating the mistakes we made should be avoided by the next generation(s) or security personel. Obviously, many of our verterans are socially or [hysically limited by time and mileage. A young, dedicated, alturistic cadre needs to step forward. The goal of this is to help that step be sure and safe for all concerned!

Peace Scenes

Some of us are "on call" 24/7. Naturally, rest is necessary. When "burn out" is reached, or a temporary break oppurtunity asserts itself, allowances must be made. We watch each other and have the right and obligation ro declare each other as "off duty" when circumstances warrant! We can not allow ego to place at risk a operation tha requires 100% of focus and attention when objectivity is happered by unavoidable events.

We arrive at a scene to restore harmony, not to create it's opposite. So all need to know federal statues concerning civic rights. Strive to remain objective and non-judgemental to the parties involved. Always clearly explain reasons and procedures in the context of fairness and equanamity.

Preserve physical evidence when the events warrant. If forensics is possibly called for, isolate the scene with tape/string, post info, post guards, and sign the area. A tainted scene destroys a prosecution, and in cases, obstruction of justice questions to the forefront!

Conflict Situations vary greatly. Each set of variables intrinsic to a site calls for a modified response. Prior to offering the parties the usual options to resolve the conflict, it is imperative that the option be explored concerning formal legal charges. Explain that the offended party(s) retain that right. At any point in the time they have the option to go to the police and file. If this option is opted for, we should aid in the retention of physical evidence, film, photo(s), tape recordingsm etc... Extract all parties and transport to protect the right of both parties.

The possibility exists that the fugitives with outstanding warrants will come to us to facilitate their surrender. If this occurs, document the events, prepare individual statements of witnesses and protect the civic rights of the accused. If a confession is offered, Mirandise and document fully!

Events occasionally occur which fall into the category of Medical/Psychological. Errstic behaiour predicated by misplaced medications whcih result in situations of varying degrees of seriousness. As lay people we need tp know our limitations and respond by solicitating opinions from available medical personel. Transfer the patient and all available material and possessions in a safe and expedient manner.

When individuals are approached as they transport, trade and/or obtain by stealth property whose ownership is disputed. A record of their witnesses should be obtained. Remember, this is certainly a situation of two individuals word at odds. Stabalize the scne and call for witnesses to cooroborate the stories. In all cases, the option to file charges must be verbalized.

In allevents, situations involving minors must involve input from adult guardians. Their presence is mandatory prior to convening meetings.

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