Key West Murderer

This is plunker's update on a murderer from Key West that Shanti-Sena had helped peacefully catch. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site Arizona 1998 Media page.

word just came in, Joseph Geibel, otherwise known as the guy who agreed to surrender to authorities as a murder suspect in Arizona Gathering 1998, has, in fact, been convicted of first degree murder in the case... sentencing pending... Miami, Florida (more info as it comes)

it must be remembered that Geibel agreed to come along peaceably under "defacto" "citizen arrest" at the Gathering, and given over to authorities, NOT by some group "Shanti Sena", or "rainbow family", whoever they are, BUT, by individuals who took responsibility in this action.

these individuals, in the best forms of Shanti Sena consciousness, 'gently extracted" Joseph Geibel ... in fact, Geibel was contacted directly, and asked to accompany the highly experienced volunteer "Shanti Sena" to a waiting area where he was treated as if he was 'innocent until proven guilty"... until appropriate authorities were contacted and arrived... at which time Joseph Geibel agreed to go with the Sheriff's deputies... who also acted in a professional and peaceable way, share respect.

if this person had been later found innocent, he could have returned into the people, into the Gathering, without much fuss.

though there were a number of circles of Shanti Sena conscious volunteers who worked on this task, a consensus of unity became evident in how to deal with this situation. In this case, it was felt that this individual needed to deal with his karma, with his trail. it did not seem peaceable or responsible for Geibel to be left to gather, perhaps to be discovered and an uproar take place; or to perhaps leave the Gathering and be discovered down the road where folks may have become even more alarmed and might have harmed him... it was felt it were better that he be contacted and invited to deal with his past. He agreed.

it might be noted that hundreds of persons tuned into this task, and it was handled in an expert and 'professional' manner. The peace scene (shanti sena) was maintained.

Every situation is different, case by case basis, anyone may join in and take part in keeping the scene peace. this year, it is hoped there will be a more active effort made to share some of the learned techniques, unique to "rainbow style" gatherings. "shanti sena consciousness" sharing playshops/workshops...please come.

concern for the "victims" and for the "accused" and discovering a balanced way to work these situations out are foremost lights in shanti sena consciousness.

in this case, the 'accused" was found guilty of the crime of first degree murder. Joseph Geibel, who calls himself a 'rainbow child" is facing his past. I pray for his soul. I am glad there were responsible individuals at the Gathering in Arizona 1998, in Shanti Sena consciousness, who took action.

I pray for the soul of the woman who was killed, and for her family and friends. And I pray for the end of people killing people, anywhere on Earth.

barry, plunker, montana - harriet tubman lives!
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