Pictures from Rainbow Gatherings

For info on how to submit photos, go to the bottom

If hand drawn artwork from various Rainbow Family publications is more to your fancy, go check this page out.

Gabe Kirchheimer is a professional photographer who has documented Rainbow Gatherings for many years. He has some photos on his web site at, but he also graciously donated many more pictures for my site, which I have online here.

Another small collection of original photos is at Joseph Levy's web site, "The Trip Without A Ticket, Adventures With the Rainbow Family".

Another really nice web site with photos of quite a few European and North American Rainbow gatherings is at Rich in Spirit'sSlideshow. Highly recommended.

Another really nice web site with lots photos is Mike Morgan's Beyond Babylon web site.

North American Annual Gatherings

North American Regional Gatherings

Europa Annual Gatherings

Other Gatherings Worldwide

Submission Details

Many of these pictures are mine, but I'd love to get some from every Annual gathering, and a bunch of the regionals too.

Tech Details

Briefly, I scan all my photos in as 256 colors, 150DPI. This seems to be the best resolution for web sites. I'll then resize the photo to make a postage stamp sized version for the web page, and then clicking on that smaller image will bring up the full sized one. I can convert most any grahpic format, but for a web page, I use .jpg or .gif. Both of these are compressed formats, and I use .jpg for the final image cause they load much faster over a slow modem connection.

How To Submit

There are several ways you can submit photos. Ideally you can ftp them to and leave them in the incoming directory. Then email
me and tell me what the file name is. I'd also appreciate a few lines of description for each photo roughly telling folks what it is, or what you were feeling at the time.

Other ways to submit are to email me a photo as a MIME attachement, or as a final way, snail mail me a photo to:

PO Box 506
Nederland, CO 80466

and I'll eventualy scan them in and add them to the web site.